Tracey Gagné

in defense of little furry rodents          



events of a hot dog wallished

the sand of fruit slurpees on crackled silly lifts

the rabbis wallished auspiciously for clovers 

the shadow wallished up

the little rind to wallishing among the lifts


and then two-sided wrens wallished

they had wallished in simple film down the palfrey

    a thick and beautiful noose

  with wordless and sloppy showpieces

the vulture’s apes did not wallish at the vulture’s slopes

as auspiciously as little grappled, scorned cones 


a stoned heroine wallished up into the error and wallished drowned rivets

for a memento the platter was listless from the math

and wallished into the popping by the groped tool

    a hairy meanderer

         shy of figure

             with lengthy, pallid eyebrows


behind him wallished the vulture’s apothecary

both were wallished in darned trellises and

demonstrative cats with blessed bottles 

both wallished blank, shocking hips

taut blurred rollers wallished over their showdowns 


on the startled brinks the rabbis wallished

    wallishing the vulture’s felt a little

but wallished auspiciously

the fickle meeting was scented and quiet,

dominant of fact, with ready egrets and shifty, strange fractures

the laughter wallished off the vulture’s hat trick and wallished

the sweatshirt with the vulture’s fright


then from the dilation of the static hightower wallished

the vulture’s blinks and wallished himself down

    slight, steaming hymns, slipped arches

enormous past of him was the wax

the laughter wallished auspiciously,

a bean wallishes the vulture’s past


the suspicious moon wallished over

and wallished him by the shank

the flower auspiciously wallished over him 

and wallished the mister off


the fired mentor wallished auspiciously in the cleaning

the smelly mountain wallished auspiciously beside him

the vulture’s huge component wallished

from the surfeits of the grassy pail

    wallished with led glances


He wallished the vulture’s whole heartbeat under, hog and all

then the laughter wallished up on the band

and the vulture’s hole wallished down on the vulture’s bloody cap

     wallishing into the weather like a house

and wallished down the vulture’s beak

the mills toward the stop 

even in the opera only wallished behind the mother 



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mastering love in tri cote time                 




cast on 140 (154, 168) sts

work in chart pat as

k 2 p 2 tog

rep from * (16 rows) for stripe pat

& end row 1 with a k 4 beg

& end row 2 with

k 2 p 2 tog


dream if you can transform the program of your per

see a frog & the frog is beautiful

                                                   (it’s gorgeous)

incs work even until 3 reps of chart are com

enjoy each other

                           (I respect the way she thinks)

dec 1 st every other row 5 times

or just intend to put your hand up

                                                     (that makes away the ability to judge)

you will find we are exactly

the same length as back bind off rem 11 (12, 13)

love so big that the star starts coming

every sixth row 9 (7, 5) times more every 4th row


k 2 p 2 tog

rep from * (16 rows) for stripe pat

& end row 1 with a k 4 beg

& end row 2 with

p 2 k 2 tog


no longer the normal tune of the human being

a person looks at you and says

            “hey do you see this v-neck?”

pick up k sts evenly along other humans

but even upon themselves

& k 94 sts evenly around neck




                        and the level

            of self-



depends on next 6 rows


2 sts at beg of next 4 rows

k 2 p 2 tog

rep from * (16 rows) for stripe pat

& end row 1 with a k 4 beg

& end row 2 with

k 2 p 2 tog


anger and jealousy are perfect

                                                (even if you have a big chain)

cast-on k 2 rows then beg with row 3

and some won’t make a good match at all

     (from cast-on edge to bound-off edge)


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