Victors’ Breadth




Cantilevered mutiny

throttles its catchword shrug:

plutocracy as solar






Incarnadine beverage incarnate

a carnage serving leverage to all vertical mystics:


penisware terrarium omelet

calling a gauntlet, familiar less than other


                        (its ventilated gall


a fixation.




Crawling vespers raise the night.                                             

Planets at orbit:


                              squander inamorata               

                                          enumerate sacred inoculations

                                                      sequester ancient parodies




its history / eats













Azure shadows tapestry

tumescent innuendo.


      Fenestral dusk speaks agonies,


a lapping tongue

as distant music ripples:


leather wings

advance against resistant nectar


                        (overture’s hectoring pace)



Lapidary dreams

diminuendo at sunset’s crest.


      The breeze flickers water’s nectar tongue.


            Pulse chimes, shimmering, distant.

            A charm secluded from the vesper breeze


                  accuses dawn

                  for its distant crescendo


                        (an ostina

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