Vernon Frazer

Cinema Verity

dandelion gypsum footage
silted calls tell noon cells
a ravaged fleet of customers
hybrid obscenity drivers
impounded fractious tactics
well before the moon
delayed its acrid scent
where transit stokes elicit
pledges verbatim as contrary
stretches etching rigor forth
on biopic photo spreads myopic
across the board as laundry
facilitates linkage of the eyes
to telltale saddle warping
figures astound past montage
bound to savage imprecations
foregone niceties no conclusion
to hats of trimeter banding
or vacant oscillation spreading
hammered flux to the mainstream
ditties ashore on carbuncle fits
gypsy image bangle needs
or titled threads climbing walls
past telling the consumer fleet
wresting its jaws from ravaged laws
and their fast-draw implications

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