Vernon Frazer

Brief Pedestal

weighted nocturnes bleed lament
an implicit appendectomy
in the clearing fresh as bread
intentions albacore crossings
pineal tossed artifact
as sex with red antibodies
nor antipodal chastening
unclear fortitude outlandish pickerel
toward epoch-throttling forks
gender vanished applicants
rampage vaseline its aqueducts
obtrude the network
splashing hermetic offspring
her secondary wavering
withstanding its nudge
the intra-coastal water weighs
in factions all intent to render
his nugatory supplement
a grounded appeal
squelching vipers under hoof
and latter techniques deployed
arrangement costs too soon
to tremble or dissemble
degraded entree as brief pedestal
intending underground stability
foregone protrusions help his pay
withheld to sample rap mosaics
of rages under percussion


Incidental languor
follows, beloved absinthe
a mockery

downed as nectar. The figurines
tremble, emerge:

plausible rumination
exceeds its danger, the timbrel
urgent to banister capers

a vision
frowning its hectored
disciples to the past's dismay.

An urgent renegade
encumbers the pace of its candles

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