Thomas Fink


to applaud the census.
Unmanageable handwriting.
Avoid nuclear instructions.
Dubious hinge. Is
the fridge shut good? Who
invented the vacuum cleaner,
and how gendered?
Motorcycle Viagra could lose his middle

name in a downpour,
even if pedestals
remain in fine working order.
The majority seem/s enthusiastic
about sanctions. We'll be
wise to take the long
way to avert amphibious traffic,

hood loss. And out
yonder, our youth reps mustn't keep swaggering
around bastions of conspicuous
modesty. Yet what can stop
a local underside of pious exertion

from popping off into differently challenged
scrambling faces? Long-
noggined advisors head for a collective
haircut. I'm

ditching work early to cast
intimately perfumed notes to the unknown

off prodigious cliffs.

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