Raymond Farr


                   La Dolce Nevada

      in one death)

fire dish enamel heart
red dog
is sensory)

as six personae
bistro gets at the meaning
          a stone at

stone's throw

lags against populace

For no sire like a blind sire
Peers down September-like

& in “it” the dice.
the desert-wind.
seems frgmnt of kill.
inked-in persona.
of sorts a world.
dome is but cleverly.
a tatter of lens.

dare speak.”

& sense [syn.]
with dreamer

& the third [unfinished]

a singing staked to gaming staked to song


of dream states
such as

a yawp's odd discernment
fitted in red bed sheets

speechifying "big olde"

till "spanker,"

driving home
blows)-- the nursery-rhyme-
butcher’s-wife edits

our tails / our tales
with her carving knife

assumes one language
satisfies instinct


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