William Fairbrother

We Vomit Blood For You

We vomit blood for you tired of eating trash and breathing shit
gory life drunken intercourse

The truth is the truth is language
omnipotent carnivorous

plagues us the red scars
burning as if branding cattle endlessly

radiation our soul's forced new electricity
we can only dream with man's words.

Gory life drunken intercourse
we vomit blood in your image

the nights our sores avoid
by dreaming sleeping words

voices overheard not listened to
straight path of lines that form letters

a single path carving spray
dance the ghosts the yet unborn

turning wandering away
no more language no more words

and without them we do not argue we cannot cry
our shrunken heads merely shudder.

We vomit blood onto
then mold all things into your image and worship you

by lapping through to their inner qualities
With our thinking tongues.

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