Eric Elshtain

Sat Apr 10 18:22:54 2004

Towards the zenith to the king! The new
confusion. What the moon a crucifix

were, and the lightning let alone, except
in some unknown, the six survivors of

the natives. What a noble cause, between
the whole horizon was already known.

The sea. The belly and the world above
the waves, sometimes. The birds, the heat, perhaps

because the doctor was pursuing his
assailant down the slopes, amidst the mind.

Sat Apr 10 18:30:59 2004

In that position by the little stream,
a number of the horrors, where the ship

against the turf. The hated whale. The soil
in Maccabees; the very thought renews

the fear, because the method is unsound.
The sea, the doctor rang the bell before

a lyre. The tumult of the whole, a man,
in his exalted trust. The rest deceived.

Mercedes dried her eyes, enormous sharks,
attracted by the hand belonged, sometimes.

Sat Apr 10 18:39:31 2004

Towards the ring, a secret of the sphere,
Australia, new appointments! For her, they

allowed themselves a moment's safety. It
appeared, attenuated but perhaps

the only explanation which, beneath
the upper reaches, round a bend towards

the sky, the red were at the head. The flies,
the glitter of revenge in breadth, perhaps

a dozen of the brief commands, the stones
were placed in an adventure of surprise.

Sat Apr 10 18:53:29 2004

A sweet, among the fauna, ran aground
in open order. And amid the road

towards the building of the distance was
perhaps, in its unceasing service, well

entrenched in nicotine, appeared in all
the moon a darkness he presented to

the comfort of the trees. The man, a king?
Along the oily deck, the contents of

return. The effort I expounded, was
abandoned at the same elastic paws.

Sat Apr 10 19:03:26 2004

In fact, the few provisions taken from
the ground, according to the wife, announced

the whole condition of the sea. The ark,
replied the equinox! A cry, above

the overturned machine. The sandy plain,
before the door, a little distant from

the heart. Moreover, this phenomenon.
In them, the more effect. The building of

a ship, the code in fear before the deck
communicating with the present day.

Mon Apr 12 14:07:29 2004

The moon in marriage, and the rest, the more
amazed. In breadth, enormous sharks, a king,

the hour at the mechanism. Here
the stranger. At the neck, perhaps, a faint

resemblance to the sun. In that respect,
good-bye, good-bye. The devil who, in doubt

about the centre of the man? The first
contained the clouds were slightly raised, were most

capricious. Is the fact the word, a doubt.
The convicts had remained, the banks were strange.

Mon Apr 12 14:24:01 2004

The sea, the spout again, the thing possessed.
The blows. The king. The tranquil waters, there

were little ripples, combing over with
the stone, amongst the devils of the main.

The young. The pilgrims hadn't, but afford
the dawn a thimble, and the fireplace.

The voyage of the night; in other words,
the stricken whale, the parrot is consumed.

The cities of the servants from beneath.
Mercedes nursed a special being here.

Mon Apr 12 14:29:26 2004

The river. That, in getting under weigh,
the way, explain the bullet, and the light,

in speaking thus, in his expression. "Ah,
the things." The squire, the preacher, who were, I

suppose the truth. A grand adventure, that's
the thing a dream! In their possession when

the woman with the gluttons! I, beneath
the earth, a passing glance upon the turf.

The line! Upon the compass read before
the other money's gone. The birds were sad.

Mon Apr 12 14:45:11 2004

The overwhelming folly of the night.
The man! Her ancient decks were wrapped in leaves,

the rudder and the latter, was a voice,
the sea. About the cabin window. This,

the first in patches, blue, peculiar to
the table; I accept the first attempts

were useless! He began, a human voice
in an adventure, and before a gun;

the moon appeared in full, replied the lad
secured a good enough, the red were ears.

These gnoems are based upon the statistical analysis of the following combination of texts:

Dante Alighieri, Inferno
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
Jack London, Call of the Wild
Herman Melville, Moby Dick
Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island
Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn

Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
--------------, The Mysterious Island
H. G. Wells, The First Men In The Moon
--------------, The Time Machine

and are co-written by Jon Trowbridge's computer-generated poetry program Gnoetry0.2 and human poet Eric Elshtain. Gnoetry0.2's user interface allows the human co-author to regenerate text on all linguistic levels (from word to entire gnoem) to make changes to the program's (blank verse!) analysis of the language corpus, the language corpus itself being a statistical derivation of one or more texts.

Analysis renders the text(s) into three-word language tokens which are then awarded or penalized based on their ability to fit into a chosen poetic form (from haiku to sonnet). The results below were not edited post-production; all the language here is machine-made, although there is a not-insubstantial syntactic inheritance from the source texts that has survived the stochastic processes.

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