kari edwards

obedience: 136

there is only infinity of jealous passion
tireless devotion walled in blindness
multiple poverty of substance
a poverty of property
a discourse of laughter
an action cutting across the self
stripped of
nothing but its fiction
of a fiction
of an absolute
timeless external organ
thing least compromised

a thought between a thought
the sun
between gladly becoming
words with an always message
touching a passing touching
a moment of touching
a passing moment
the moment
never missing the missing

obedience - 97

let nothing be as silent as the arrogant bigotry

let nothing be so silent as supernatural belief in arrogant bigotry

let nothing be so silent as an implementation of a superstition based on arrogant bigotry

let no conformity experience lead to a certainty of violence of a belief found in the supernatural arrogant bigotry

let all be lead away from the blind hybrid of the drunk corpse of arrogant bigotry

may some like it hot and like it to go and something something stopping the terror of neurology rearranged bigotry

let no galaxy burn brighter than a poem railing against the carnivorous teeth of dismissive references of gritty bigotry

let the crystalline batteries ultrasonic song sing flash bulb and vacuum descend in will-o-wisp implosion at the drowning dolphin's embrace when there is a new flash of the existence of bigotry

may the day be speaking of speaking of the sanctuary of humanity and illumination in the flower of clarity speaking of the poor and hungry in the breath of the ocean of the saliva of the saint in dust at the end of the day

on a certain occasion

divided by three
hoping for a favorite setting

getting second class
hoping for anything
settling for
requirements and accumulations

becoming second class
being careful
that enforces carefulness

discarding the banner
lame and blind

lets try again

the secret secret
the liquid situation
the simulated
absent moral gravity

lets try again

the secret
to be second class
hoping for a prayer
forgetting what it was like
before the flames of a fire
like the end of time
turning on something
and declaring

this is the fear of fear
and this is a medication for it
and this is the medication for the medication
and this is the fire
that can burn it away

this is the uncharted ocean
expressed in its material condition

this is a motionless intensity
stretched everywhere

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