Martin Downs

"A of It"

I weigh with slight ones	    shipments of mustard by mail
Inside    in     an October furnace
The lamp    branch offices addresses    raise and worry themselves
And take flashing shadings     in lucentezza from the cut
That aerosols my windows

     A communal land deplores	    this    my lip of the darling
      While evening should be to us hips of friction we would also
      Have to wedge a treasure spoon     and steal from dawn
      For dawn is gray and pinches      the quarter    a door
      Which is regulated at its hinges     and gives form to years
      Of hundreds    and one                  structure of window

Set a broken objective aside and move (their young heart is everything fluttery) OH -- my
Eye     which was held still by sky!

	    Another aspiration of its arc could pulverize this
    Ministry for the Policy of Will    my heart     and towards the
    Left   doves control a fog of mortar

The known as one    once more my expensive
Seems melancholic person

	    Any part is a course	    behind a	    course that gives somewhere
    By passage    -- that's a ticket --         but all commerce in the East    after
    During hurricane years and Christians!     it was more that of a man

Or initial point    in its markings of years
Jets in air            hammers heated this evening
Repeated taps   warmed up with hands    whereas I rest     the end to consider

	 Horse reverberator on its ostrich end-feather            Ampèreheure!

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