Ruth Danon

Memento Mori

Part I


I am reminded
of circumspection,
not that I wanted
any of that

take the money and
they said
give a get a
they said
your best bet
or some other

thoughtful response
to a thoughtless moment


she wanted to talk to someone


a small child she was
when all those
large things


she was eating a sandwich
no a plum no a nice piece
of cake no a leaf
she was chewing a leaf
of grass someone said
she could make a sound
through a blade of   grass

(memory without location
desire without object)

the thumb out
of joint
it aches

that interruption no


her pure wail

Part II

They didn't know it but
She was asking a question about ideas
It is important to live inside the body
Of an idea she thought

Personal obsession kind
Of a fetish
Object without desire

I have no topics

Live in the world live in
The cold world Come upon it

As a form public and
That is to say
The ultimate irony
Of the correct move
All the time begging
The question

That other issue
Bitter and true

Remember the chocolate and
The one class of cognac and
The shadows of trees and
The windows and all that

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