Maria Damon


"d'Art: L'art pour l'art, pour (que) j'erre: for J. R. Carpenter." February-June 2011.

"The River Dart's proceeding, and what places he passeth by."

"It may be, and of some it is supposed, that the river takes name of the swiftness of the current; the like is through of the river Arrow in Warwickshire; and of Tygris in Mesopotamia, which among the Persians doth import a shaft; that I speak not of some others: or because it makes not in its course so many short and crooked indentings as most other rivers so, but more direct in line, and straight like a dart; for in both these it concurreth with the name, for it fleeth with a swift and speedy current, and somewhere a violent stream, especially when it is somewhat swollen; for then it makes a great noise as it goes, and seemeth angry and highly displeased with the great stones, which lying in its channel hinder the swiftness of its course, and therefore somewhere with rushing seemeth rather to tumble than fleet among them, and often rolleth some of them before it, and there dangerous to be forded."

A view of Devonshire in MDCXXX: with a pedigree of most of its gentry, By Thomas Westcote -- written in 1630 -- published 1845, more than 200 years after the death of its author. 403.

"Flax(en): for Jen Bervin"
Long and lanky lettrisme, a hank of lines and linen, a font of golden text/ile.



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