Jennifer Chapis

Inverse Circus

"When I look at anything for a long time,
it shrinks down to a toy." Donald Revell

blue tip of a lead tongue

lyrics puppeteer when spoken

coffee beans crunch teeth to dirt

something scarcely edible

crumbs the mouth loose

ventriloquist's divergence-

"I am the tree that plants some shoes"


a mother's face grows on a snake

zeal wraps itself around

buckeye butterflies

   release                    disappear

                                 (wings like rogue fingers

                                 up a child's nose)


feral chickens run revolving moments

neck their way down

coop of the head

become the body re-attached

manifested anamnesis

gray clouds grow mirrors and tabletops

our eyes broad-minded and divulged


"What would love do if I died?" Adonis

torn hare at the water's edge



(two hundred million years)



you are a pollen-colored fox with a restless gut

stillness burns beside you

chrysanthemum's double head


storm clouds furrow

a thousand brows

vernal autograph

recursive earth


grizzled snout

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