Onur Caymaz

Onur Caymaz graduated from the Electronics-Computers Department of the Technical Education Faculty at Marmara University. He wrote song lyrics and worked in the theatre as an amateur. He won the story competition held by Genclik Bookstore in 1999. His collection Kah ve Rengi won the Orhon Murat Ariburnu Poetry Competition in 2000 and was later published. His story "Nokta" ("Point") won second place in the Haldun Taner Short Story Awards in 2002 and was later published in the collection Ezilmis Leylaklar Kitabi (Book of Crushed Lilacs, 2003). His novel Seni Hatirlatan Yildizlar (Stars Reminiscent of You) and his poetry anthology Bak Hala Cok Guzelsin (Look, You're Still Very Beautiful) were published in 2004. Look, You're Still Very Beautiful won the BehCet Aysan poetry competition in 2005. Also in 2005 his collection of stories Sanki Yarin Nisan (As If Tomorrow Were April) was published. This book won Caymaz the Naim Tirali Story Award of the Ordu Municipality. In 2008 his collection Kalbin ve Tenin Butun Istekleri (All the Desires of Heart and Body) was published. He continues to work on writing poems, novels, diaries, and stories while working at an advertisement agency as a copy editor. Caymaz resides in Istanbul.

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