from Notes On NonExistence

                               aporic horizon

having not
to approach
the onset of the logical
everting protean philosophies
for the thot of without
deadens the grip
to subtle rigors
simplistically intangible
yet a mere   figmental symbology
lies    dependent
on a logocentric historicity
to remove the present
from the present
deified placebos

       rationalizing terrains
     rugged with syndicalistic
     falsifying ideological ebullience
     displaced among resultants
     cohering with temporalities
     shared identities
separated          duplicities
a form of matter
existentialized from trace elements
inscrutable from boundaries
half-light constrictions

having not
the appearance
derivatively succeeding
a notion of time
at most a masquerade
            a strip of lesser seen sky

                               'eye' intransit
                        turning (inward) from the feral image

            there is an uncertainty

                                     which decries

                        the onset of winter

            donning an iron mask

                                     the apparition

                                                 soon    shall sift

                        a pinpoint of light

               from skies eluding detection

      once the eye has spoken

             there is a relative introspection

     of stones

             displaced among the rubble

                        how does one know

      to differentiate

             a beauty taken

                        in an aura of persistence

              resisting the 'I' of uncertainty

                        while difficulties


              the intransigence of evening

                                turning (outward)

                                                      to the ephemeral image

                        the thot vision emaciates
           terror is somewhat cold

                        within a theatered disillusion

               threatening disembodiment

                                              at unconscious levels

           to consider                                             the merely vital

                                 tidal aggregates


                  the late speech      of posthumous disciplines

                        delegating that which relates

                                       to the aforementioned

                                 link with aspirations

                                                          climbing thru

                         intoxications    by evening

                                                 and a longer splendor

                                                 stretching the yellow hour

                         from behind winded spires


                                       conflict in solitude

                               a secular corpse

                                         segregated among the many

                             limitations               vitiated

                             surplusage of deliverance       resembles

                             the power                    of possession

                                    to survive                          the (dis)passionate

                        past       with ritualistic epiphanies

                              intact                      oppressive singularities

                                       stone symmetries

                                                 mar a wall wailing

                            with dispensational eviscerations

                encryptments diluted symbologies cast :

                                   cold to the touch

                         nites of nonresistance

                        i see you wedded

                                to another light

                                  an alterant distaniation

                         a non-materializing


                              where i abscond

                                        with the facts of transformation

                   sometimes       realizing      it has no bearing

                              other than the negligible

                                                          weight to substantiate

                             the ineludible        gaze thru your eyes

                          overtaxed in a yield of vacillating current

                                    contrivialized amid the foundational


                                                            awash with ambiguities

                                              descent into prurient insolvency

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