Camille Martin

seven prose poems

wherever a furthering but not speak

wherever a furthering of found crumbles into
tangible ruin toward places to the east not east but
restored distances resembling motion of old times
we familiarly locate as a singular latitude for
blended dive into sleep irreducibly staying the
night until mind works mayhem into profiles of a
gullible day's fraud forfeiting the same optimal
history a spoil perfected along with delightful
variants of blocks of memory whispering their
adoption in gardens swamped reaching the condition
of a symptom

knowing the scheming of world lines or gods
dragged through ink a stretch of speech in
dangerous media considering once the child's
fancy was to repeat coincidental pointing the shiny
side of pages underneath dirt without which
indefinite quakes along a spectrum of texture
smothered since dream's clumsy anecdotes
revive phenomena underfoot an abyss corresponding
to rain otherwise known as a stock ending of
indisputable guesswork

empathically braiding out harm's window a
vague term survives detested and unlit but
chatter not being the veil out of which alphabets
fabricate prison songs sometimes the sums of
experience banish layers of might sink mistake
stratagems such marriage is a hideout of dark
pressing hard to get out to enjoy a broken field
more densely handicapped just need more context
for a lost offspring some small truth appointed
in advance of understanding writing familiar orbs
exiled but riveted until general polish having
improved at the level of the mist of experience
asleep for the winter in postal darkness breeding
a cozy remembrance wearing the certainty of an
idiot after phases hidden for now while air glides
across the bed merging dreams with orphans
extending to home a questionable substance

what is the current opening from which blind
descent or else sedimented smoke encompassing
an extra liberty pinpoints an aside portents of
gathering frail wars between blank mongrels
peopling scraps of velocity cut for fuel in machines
whose gestural limits might have been capsized
squares but for a degree of participation in a
chronology of upward toward the thought of
now's zone sliding off your hand

not to disturb the tangible syllables of birdsong
unless weather shines nervous with arch elements
in tumbled space like the lingering in daylight
of a sentimental thief disposing continuous form
hazarding a broken gift trammeled stones of
condensed reality still forages back to a good small
thing of a different solitude than a cumbersome
portrait deposited in a corridor beneath lapsed roofs
whenever keyless repetition beyond wishing
earth-colored on beckon doubt some stellar debris
of grammar the concession of enclosures to the
nimble outcome of a common wandering vertigo

consciousness of partial geography a vast driving
rallentando of particles to ask of ambiguous light in
any typical system's smoldering horizon compelled
to embrace its echo neither do a doors increments
tell its own composition nor nowadays the surprise
of sunrise for lack of storm shelving thought in a
medley of cradle sense whereas fluid cavity breathing
invisible dramas of ground currents in which the engines
of taboo are mislaid

legible whispers enormous paper thoughts fastidious
rebus appalling enterprise ending with a clean question
in view of sight's sieve a raggedness of timely excitement
within the room the factor of novelty a break in the
parade to observe a mapped winter since the misfortune of
a road in time exactly an accident of afterlife for the pull of
serial images the curious digression any language can remember
followed by used to know neatly reporting a certain curve
unbelievably history grown away from excavating amenities
probably the boundary of mock-ideal in the dogged units of
personal forgotten one way spacing the power of particular
despite comic or soft-spoken a likely manner as naming this
everyday something so terrible blasting the ladder of images
here is a help a little courage of water imagined in which we
can understand but not speak

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