J.S. van Buskirk


she's letting the canteloup get room temperature
letting things get to a basic state
the way she has to let things get these days
canteloup when it's cold it hurts her teeth when she eats it
get a load of that! instead she sets it out all day
room after room she's got all kinds of things set out everywhere
temperature goes up and down and she doesn't care, she says.


All the spooks get out on ten.
The way I know they are spooks is they get out on ten.
Spooks are like shrinks, but spookier.
Get over to the side in the elevator, out of their ways.
Out in the field, they blend right into the scenery,
On the elevator they look just like ordinary people.
Ten looks like a pretty ordinary floor, too.

My Cat Has A Red Stripey Suit Underneath His Fur

My cat has a red stripey suit underneath his fur
cat like cat domestic felis felis
has not usually got such a suit
a long time and a great many cats will come and go without suits like his
red at all is not usual
stripey is even more unlikely
suit yourselves, you other cats, but he had to do it
underneath we're all naked and there's nothing to be done but wear clothes
his and hers, cause
fur just doesn't cut it.

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