David Braden

Dictionalia Beach

skeletal trestle a fleshless     arid brontasaurus
decaying other pieces correspond to other welded together
elsewheres by bone by word as spray      They

the scraping of   and variegated stones
the forensics of decaying word or rusting more
quietly salt-chewed by splinter by bone by word by things being welded

together to other opposite shores
cliffs are the scraping of being together
the scraping of fleshless currency shells-

rusting   by splinter,
the scraping of They
eat away the heavy elsewhere of things

while other things are away
fragile trestle spanning memory's opposite
fingering littoral detritus

falling apart skeletal trestle
decaying word by brontasaurus: apart or rusting more or
fog-swallowed waves break things

word     iron       glass       cans           obscure city
detritus from fuzzy origins
corresponding to other opposite shores

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