Ray Bianchi


The Canal Street Swing Bridge


Hamburg Athletic Club  Not in Hamburg. Germany


They cracked their heads and made them bleed.

                        They listened for 'others' and wondered why they crossed the street? 


Idle men are waiting for their checks to arrive. 

But they are late and so it is time drink


a shot

and a beer. 


No one cares about Men they are obsolete. 


Westinghouse is a shopping mall now where you can buy equipment made in china.  Allis Chalmers is an old age home. 

their grandsons working

Taco Bell


Hating is okay as long as it is American


Ignored like old slaves

Metal shards and boxes of old nuts and



The Problem is testosterone. 


men are indolent

Tiger Woods.

Barack Obama

empty and alone.

Testosterone is the problem when a cop hits a kid

On the head

kills him—with a club

is it possible? 


We cannot Listen anymore to the sound of electricity


The “L” train passes over the city and cuts by the Brach's plant 

Testosterone is the problem. St John of God sits on a park

That no one plays in anymore Because of the gunfire

Abandoned Like those churches in Cologne that were bombed

broken boxes. The CYO hall is torn

School convent                                                    abandoned

Streets bare of elms. 

The Poles have moved to Naperville and the Italians to Arlington Heights. 


There are no Mark Tardi's anymore. 


Did you ever notice that women of a certain age start to paint themselves?  They try to avoid the inevitable.  While men of a certain age slowly descend

And become their fathers.  We all want to be Clint Eastwood but most of us look like Vincent Gardenia.  Driving an eggplant Cadillac and listening to

Elevator music. 


“Get off my Lawn you Kids” 


If you say this you have become THAT man you always hated.  There is a time when you stop wanting innovation- and crave what is familiar.Like listening to Ernie Harwell- or George Halas

a cat is red and she is a mutantBut she purrs and lets you pet her

And that is okay. 

“ Fat nineteen,  A priest. Malaise  Gilbert Sorrentino

People used to want their sons to be priests.  But not anymore.

Blue Army --My ass It is all about the little kids

And taking advantage.  St John of God in Back of the Yards has a bowling alley and

A CYO hall

These were good hunting grounds for fat priests. 

I knew this priest in Bolivia

He was a real man—tough, athletic and normal They got rid of him

 Bob Hardman likes to work in his garage and fix shit.  He loves grease and the White Sox game and he likes to tinker with broken shit.  You know old broken shit that no one else wants?  Bob is Hardman.  Fat but tough with a loud fucking mouth and he does  not like lip from women…..Hardman says fuck you to stupid idiots who wear suits and think they know everything…Bob is a family man but hates his fucking family



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