Ray Bianchi

Fractured Earth

Fortress Anfo was built to stop the Austrian advance into Italy it sits at
1300 metres above sea level with a commanding view of Lago di Idro.
War is exciting and ennobling, my great grandfathers fingers froze off in a
prison camp near Merano but that was nothing significant. disintegrated,
stylized human forms, an elegance poet is not an archaeologist, but please
resurrect imitate past.


Antony of the Desert kept moving towards the margins of his village in Egypt
Away from beauty and calm And noise And song
Toward hair shirts Tearing the flesh
Burning the eyes bending joints
Breaking Knees

Max Beckmann

Meditation is quite cunning and very powerful. When you allow it to control
you, rather than you control it, your conditioned thoughts of negativity
restrict your sensuality and sexuality...and your very life-force. Because
of this conditioning, you do not surrender to your sexual nature, thinking
that sex and pleasure is wrong, and not spiritual, and that it is blasphamy
against God. When you listen to the mind you cannot discover the joy and
ecstasy that you could be experiencing if you were to truly let go.
Spiritual sex has little to do with any appearances of "holier-than-thou"
stereotypes. In fact, holding on to your conditioned view of spiritual sex
limits the possibilities of it being used as a spiritual tool. Contemporary
lovers call is the "vibes" they have for each other. Poets and pornographers
address it yet differently. You are on earth in a body, not to transcend
your humanness, but to understand and honor and love yourself as you are in
form, as a true spiritual being. As you let go and become one with your
lover, what takes place a union between your Divinity and your earthly
animal being Lust and love are not enemies waging battle against each
another. They indeed cry for union. When you surrender, the battle ends.
Sexuality is a doorway into bliss. If you release your view of conditioned
sex, you will enter into a dimension of pure ecstasy. As you continue the
dance of uninhibited sexuality, you will enter into a state of consciousness
that goes beyond mind. It is here that you can touch the face of God I call
this unconditional love. As you fully embrace your pure animal nature, a
magical embracing of heaven and earth comes into existence for you. As you
celebrate the gift of physical joy, you do not actually quite subdued there
are still many others that don't let the viewer off so easy. It's primarily
the execution and presentation that makes it like butter on popcorn.

Kodiak Bears

either land or water. Many have compared this island to the Alaskan
panhandle. It shares the same relative latitude: 550 Some of the same
industries: oil, fishing, with similarly high wage rates. And the same
frontier spirit of independance and diligence. See it on a map of Chilean &
Argentinian outdoor attractions (#16). What's There Tierra del Fuego is
surrounded on three sides by two oceans. The winds blow this way from the
Pacific, and that way from the Atlantic, constantly bringing clouds and rain
storms. The coastal wildlife is rich and diverse, with many sea birds, and
seals and walruses. On the interior, North American beavers, Arctic
reindeer, and European rabbits, all introduced by white settlers as cash
crops, have distorted the rivers and streams and devastated the local flora.
And local sheep farmers, convinced that the native duck and geese, and their
natural predators, native foxes, were too much competition for their flocks,
have also done much damage to the local fauna. You'll need to read this more
than once. OK? Good. Now, take a deep breath and life of the modern slave --
the slave of the factory, the sweatshop, and the mine. The lash which drives
the latter can not either be seen or heard: most people do not believe that
it exists -- it is the cant of the philanthropist and the political
convention that it does not exist. This slave is never hunted by
bloodhounds; he is not beaten to pieces


the conditions which indicate the existence in America of a serfdom not less
abject than in Darkest Russia. If such a slavery were possible in
packinghouses under our blessed capitalism, then it is certainly possible in
all our corporate industries, and the contention of Socialists that there
does exist under the present system of wages and profit a tyranny as
oppressive as ever welded shackles to limbs of freemen is justified." In
looking for arguments or statements from the packers' side we have examined
Mr. J. Ogden Armour's recent book, "The Packers, the Private Car Lines, and
the People," but Mr. Armour does not treat the subject of labor. Fans of
surrealist cinema like that of Alejandro Jodorowsky will be overjoyed with
this release of Fernando Arrabal's first feature Viva La Muerte (Long Live
Death). Quite often upsetting and over the top, it's also an extremely
beautiful and fulfilling film (to say the least) at the same time. Part of
the artistic Panic Movement described as "an amorphous combination of
burlesque, surrealist actions and art" Viva La Muerte is an important piece
to the puzzle of world cinema, and I'm ecstatic to have this title on DVD.
Cult Epics has really stepped up to the plate on this one giving us a
remarkable presentation of a most remarkable film. Young Fando lives with
his mother, and the two share a special relationship. Told that his father
was arrested for treason (and eventually executed), Fando discovers evidence
in the form of a letter that his mother may indeed have been the one that
actually turned him in. Unable to believe

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