john bennett

What To Renroc

Dried rabbits or a retsulc laffo beef mister or a dub gnihguoc glued mudflap or a elib
reddon shorne burger or a deknud kcaskcur vast sugar or a teeb reddalb flange struggle
or a elttod hciwdnas pig fog or a depmuls esactius

How To Tnur

1) Epag the slobber in your caustic
2) Gof the fundus in your coffee
3) Darb the toilet in your fanzine
4) Sseug the bubble in your aspic
5) Enin the tonsil in your flocking
6) Hsuh the trailer in your panglot
7) Bats the fondue in your carpet
8) Don the lockstrut in your shallow
9) Pmurc the gobber in your midden
10) Erob the nesting in your mutton
11) Dnim the lobster in your matter

When Clowning

Slack the ebuceci in your armpit.
Bag the elzzip in your wallet.
Sop the nig in your fingernail.
Deep the llabhtom in your aptitude.
Slake the gnitsiwt in your flopper.
Buy the yrfhcnerf in your driver's seat.
Lash the toofbulc in your bucket.
Mime the koobenohp in your cash advance.

Hush Matter

each combing-fly
each delwarps stink-hole


so ,"breathe"

Fuel Name

sdrows and bees

noom loot

cache of
srekconk in the mildew

Douche Gab

walc an ding
font an tesolc
gals an testing


Foco File

spots you elip
clack snikpan

moot and gnieert

Haw Bag



murd the thought

crap yvaeh
spank anut
tip liob

edahs the leaning
in the hall

nips ho

Why Jinks

ache my esactius

window foul

ha puc

epacs needle
os you emosluf


stop will
tap ringworm
cup natter

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