John M. Bennett

Hash flute

hash haunted like your icepink looter
soon mumbled like your fountain shifter
noos delbmum like your niatnuof retfihs
hsah detnuah like your kcipeci retool

hopping in my laundry pile

bug and mat and shenk and tripe and
clod and melt and bean and plot and
brat and suck and crawl and sky and
ant and lunk and spat and choke and

grinning in my salad bowl

sorta trussed like bullets glanced the
liver route or sheet of steak ah mulefish
nekkid on the lakebed ponder me !sorta
cussed am fluttered ,pranced the quiver flute

Nap foam

nap blat lunk drooped   )you bed(   tup
mleats rostered   ,was yr corner foam
,bladed white   ,smat choker sang un
toweled like yr boat sinking  ,strung

a glancer in the park

,shad hem   ,skung nort   ,mossed dowel
,drop hap   ,run peel  ,mitt snore
,throat reek  ,ham toilet   ,sots lens
,trunk gap   ,molt drool   ,bred soak

a pantser in the dark

could you dumping in the skiff
could you piling in the shoe
could you booming in the gland
could you chaining in the foam

Rotty what

,rotty   ,ratty   ,runty   ,ribby   ,runny
,soonly  ,snorely   ,shunly   ,shatly  ,sporely
,clumply  ,clingy   ,clangy  ,combly   ,clubly
,dupely   ,droply   ,drapely  ,dugly   ,dingly

sorta clipping off the tongue

you flicked the blades an tumbled
you shaped the shades and rolled
you clocked the spades and realized
you dipped the grades and shouldered

sorta jerking in the hole

so that was snow and sandwich gas
oline you breaded with a "towel"
:stank the corner random "dangles" chokely
creased the letter soaked with what

D ug

bag him mort him dug him dung col lapses lig
a ture yr s mote sight c hattered s top a
dang le cree ping hits a chapp tered my li
ps c rusty din t o flail ure a s poon dun
k a c rap b one g ragging inna neck b ung
p lod c hopping sc owler fog in sides the ho le

D rip

b rake h am b oat rust led in the ga
rage wee ds a taken scrot am b linking
see ds or corner holes yr oughtless floating me
at gus ted damper do me be neath the sq
uat drip chew yr fun ne l icked the s tool
loo se shooting s cud a t hunk be low the f rot h

N ates

top un g ash ah d rift an s mote oh sprad
dle d h all the scam soaked rinser of the stun
mast hoper of the f lame hung mop pustule
dropped an k eyed yr g lowered n ates a rab bit
foc used off the drip pod coughing m eal against
the b lock d arker than yr ancient sm eared

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