John Bennett

Mou che

So slow decayed I glamorated ax
retention meet the anus of re
turn the glasses filled with concrete
flocks of seagulls at the dumpsters
was the birth of Venus? sty con
gratulation, ornithology the pants you
filled with shit and type
erasures "tabulation" knack-acrostics
stacked beside the driver's seat
a dust concretion, slaw reaction,
topologic fluttering past an
anthill where El Presidente's
staked 'n flannel-mouthing eco
nomic envelopment a crowd of
shirty ones talk into their
pencils clawed I mastological
exhibitionism only in my clouded
dream was drooling on the
substrate like my shorts' too
tight my flaccid knee rejoins the
chain of peeing rides the dampened
wheel an arm. rechurned to
air I came, from agameat from
dissolution-locks the boats o sink 'n
swim! o h ovulate a crowd of
gnats the evening water which your
turd concentricizes such a mouth and
águila que cae... where the gate
emerged where the blanket rose in
flames an eye in gorgement
tells the rafter that the reef has
turned the coral teeth are air the
drifting's restitution sleep beneath the
"mindless roof" the long dry instant
where you cluster like those flies
on your ejecta shiny origin
de tu boca conflagration


SANd flAME wrEATHs outside the FORm yr form al caer
blankly THINking to OTH or LOOse the AIM ed BrEath
fliES aCROss the STOrM A (al "caber") and sank be
SIDe the sINk yOuR cLAY was HANd beNEath my shirT
and "TAKing "sHAPe"" s my FURtive (sea gLAND your
HOT stRAY SHOE . . .


hor s
e (in
d )oor
at en
"d" ro
o(i)l ee
r ear
uinal tera
tio no
pal es



So I bared the storm you fluttered
in your armpit's tiny heaven
domed the sky behind my eyelid
blinking through my screen to see the
mu the mirror tan ancho er
a o será o y tu casa
como lámpara a flashlight
you were chewing Thursday night
we walked beneath the bed a dust
y sky. no "protection" no boil
ing of the roof so we could rise
as steam or so I thought. but ay
the clammy swells of sheets the hill
we're rolling up and down a sail
ing boat a drifting sock the high
er center of the lake! perfume
cave, benches upside down crows re
volve the tree my bag of squid in
testines held before the fork your
"camera stuffed with cookie dough"
the itch above your throat the sand
which you kept there just butter and
baloney and you crawled around
the house that night swayed at every
window like an outside drain and
your canícula clipping all
your nosehairs lawnmower gasping
like a sinking clock was like a
ham a book reversal like your
chest was inside out (so I could
see you) me-displayed or orni
tologia en mis swallows
all the air you left behind a
wake or sleep? stroked the scissors and
your ear a sporeless afternoon
the sheet will bloom. I sank inside
your rain the boat foundered swaying
in the current bottom slowly
filling with my silt ah lagri
moco puedes llorar beneath the waves?
luminescence in the toilet
bowl a chopper circles just a
bove my (trees you used to snore beside


Lotta snore blame to crow a round
I leaning on the roof a hand
y reaching for the branch the crow
eye's on your buttoned hat why you
sprawling on yr back? the clouds sink
by the leaf regurgitation
in your bathtub stop and wipe the
TV reach behind the fridge and
stroke the sticky dust the furry
cornflake and a frenchfry marrow
de l'histoire yr slobiography
"what counts" and slabs off in the lawn
chair rusting next the compost pile
I *never* knew what "air" was was
"something" there? what's "noise"? what's flying
off "an echo" anecholal
ic hor heaving in yr bowl//I
touched the shingles. where your lap de
lay your lockorhythmic breath "spray"
photonic like those needles clench
ed inside yr list what *did* you
see? what did. the tree's relentless
crown shakes the wind shakes the acid
rising in your throat but I still
ladder, spilling still break the claust
ro of yr shorts rehearsal break
ers in the form less differen
da "every time" oh please. the clam
you wore the salt thumb. tri-polar
re direction as you "slake your
seat" so I will note and stray will
*spray* you off the darkness in your
faucet far out in the hose that
dim green light you swallowed in yr
eye what horizonte could you
see what horrisonante "horti
culture of my" rotting soma
"matic" oh my blooming meat! look
up at the peeling sky the "thought
you're" drooling still the (stubble flame
line and undulation of the light

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