Marcia Arrieta



pensive chaos. love.

we travel to the andes.
einstein speaks of how the starlight bends around the sun.

i wind a strand of hair around my finger.
you look for a yellow pencil.

squares triangles paths

around & through we must travel.

avalanches & snowdrifts

minutes & hours


where is my golden ratio book?

tonight I will go in search of the moon





a glare in the sky
over an ice field


to find

exploration through wallpaper
graphic masters turtle & goldfish
the bathers without trees
exactly as if language could
to blink within disappearance


illuminate. remain. coast & ice. curved walls.
organized. not organized. within the interpretation
two ships. vision & coherence. radical language. galleries.
possibilities. radial. nomadic. now on the edge. two doors open.
water & the night. morning mist. keep the stone safe.
many contexts. a bridge. read about polaris. conceptual trees.
embark create. travel to bolinas. sanctuary birds.
sanctuary art. far far away. remain calm. remain inspired.
limitless. more complex. variables happiness.


invisible balanced. create characters. live.
complicated. imagination. the stone is
a river. the stone is a tree.


create. abandon. fugitives. free fall.
entanglement. always the lovers. the drifters.
windowsill & sky. coffee. eggs. blue paint. red paint.
read about van gogh & gauguin. relationships.
thin edges. i am trying to read your silence.


fugitives reticent fugitives survivors
perhaps we can find our answers
in the stone gathered from the leucadian shore
grey blue smooth etched boat or the pine
branch saved from the street


intermittent. stray words. collages of sand & twigs.
sculpture the mind free. translate ephemeral.
blur the boundary. green day green peace.
signs resonate. eliminate the dominant.


It appeared to him(Freud) that the mind offers an outlet for the frustrations of
experiences and developments that do not follow the succession model as is demanded by
the dominant mode of social reality. Where we do not adapt, we repeat: the process
of development, then, is not strictly linear, but repetitive and cyclical as well as
linear, and is often multidimensional, fragmentary, tentative, experimental, employing
disjunctive choices as opposed to “logical alternatives.” Where we do not complete
we repeat.

---Nick Piombino, The Boundary of Blur


a feather found in the garden. the necessity
of red. how it seems to appear more & more.
autobiographical less silence. autobiographical
less indecision. there are many poems paintings
photographs. i asked you to speak. i asked you
to listen.


alphabetize the books. there are monsters in the car.
study music. streets of boxes. streets of bottles.
grey traces. she fell in love with the idea
of the the artist. the isolation. the desire.
each phrase unfinished.


structure the stairways. trace the lines & circles. a moment transitory. the work exists
outside illusory. you hold the stone or perhaps it is placed in a box somewhere
like the compass like the words therein wherein thus unexplored rare


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