David Applegate

The Demolition Derby

spread head. egg stone. golem. straw steel opened a warm egg. mouth. ran away,
Nothing happened though.

bush, pawed knees. thundered garage oar. black mold. crumbled hands. rustle body.
kicked head impression. street around.

flattened scrap. trash Derby. painted black Cadillac, gone break speed melt. crater
shake waved and watched asphalt. stopped. home ruined.

drinking snorted crotch. poured dog face. drank snorted telephone ring

knocked egg attacking broke glass. dog. lemon ventriloquist. items voice of the dog.
smoked lamp gesture.

knock lady message inside.

water?" she

"come stuffed pocket. chewing floor. chair. "Who belly laughed, fit.

"eating?" mum. wilt. poured down. cold Demolition

ruckus!" rubbed plastic wet.

gaze poppies changed

"that," month.

don't! lady. couch. nasty invisible going,"

"Goodbye," sink. vine garbage

that?" speak dog. head, plumber. she'd never outside riding the dog like a horse.
rhinoceros pipes banging underneath.

insidious. seedpods burst hearty whack popped a dull thump. got off the dog in the
lady's ear. cold. fix?"

"You killed a lady." blood come from the tiny hole. unfolded steam.

"dream! plants. flowers. grass and birds!"

sprout out spun word. with both hands. her red mouth said no. pulled an inch.
gentlemen. silently. fervor ground Finally breathing red.

muttered. queerly face quiet. garage. menaced twisted dismay.

caught slice. fell shot underneath Meanwhile, swell. root. lump seemed calm, pacing
and cigar. watched birth agony, sweating and marching.

"uncomfortable," wet. sound. exhausted forehead trace.

studied skin with hairs. dog shouted grabbed in her mouth. jaws defeated.

"that?" skin. eyelids pink lips slightly, mouth of arms soft and bare stomach. painted
red to the sink. bore over thick. fine metal bruise. Disheartened, at the table. in silence
at one.

fell and broke the dog. shot to investigate. A lamp. nowhere neither. stopped.

"Did?" at the glass. her bare back.

piano burst. innards. dropped broken lid. interior. mess. strings and worse, to breathe.
pouring the glass and all the magazines.

hands, hopeful eyes. sank off the lumpen.

a funeral dirge. the lady quietly. pale squeak pressed up to her mouth.

body, slowly consuming him. hum. gulps. hackles coughed into silence. scratched

meditation, tendril.

"is," lamely. perturbed belly a little scream.

"head!" a hand. skin exposed and forgotten. "something!" a growing bramble in the hallway.

a disaster. a jungle. the vegetable.
absence. She was crouched talisman. circling.
"Come!" an invisible orb escaped onto the lawn.


steaming ominously below. glow to roast, contemplating a piss. honked out of a trance.

"go. me?" body. down from his pocket, it wasn't there. writhing vegetation.

whistled hole. the final moments the beautiful lady.

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