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for Jackson Mac Low (1922-2004)

Get the light stanza

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for Jackson Mac Low (1922-2004)

[Gloss[-e]m[-a]t[. i]cus,]

wherby cerútaine chapiters

I Am a frayde of a daunger so ioynynge all Anormalles and coniugate at to smyle: He wyll begyn to a meane verbe: but in this parte the indycatyue mode onely sent neth these properties spoken in my thirde sence ientame, as I Depose or sweare wytnessse do The table of Verbes Emprinte a thyng in my mynde: We can nat emprinte this boke afore christmasse: Folowe one thynge after foloweth begynnynge of bookes or the charges of onely his symple falselye contrarye I wyll neuer forsweare hym vpon a booke: Iamays chyde me to go their wayes: we signyfye a great stoupyng forwarde I exú cused me a good nose to be a poore mans homme.

I Haue the upper hande of any thynge per hande of our enemyes: I Laye abrode bookes to be vewed If I maye I wyll shewed ie compose prime ryme well but it looke wysely apon I beate all daye haue pronostiqua Regyster in secunde zodiacque. His thorowe facyon pyght: beare a great selfe as yonge Stryke ones othe. Many sermenú Translate a tonge shalbe no mastrye vnclaspe my letter or write as fast as villayn exhortynge rehersed.

Uther goynge whan a lone she is but a beest ne demande que toy. So that our tonge accordynge as I haue touched vpon the accydentes partycular of a preposycion and his negacion as lunyte.

The signyfycaúcion of the answere by nouther answere escaped in the inserted[leaf] rection taken out of the iourneles. A libell vsed to marre no man, to the intent to write intreating of floures. A librarie bulrush, also a Papyrus sometime purple of which gryllis simillima, keepeth apparell in shambles, a flesh is teaching by mouth and by images of waxe, with branches to declare the genealogie of A maid that neuer had childe. Sinking paper wherein monuments sputation: a communication betweene diuerse persons for one daie, intitling A gatherer of the contents of euerie booke and special place To learne by harte, to cunne without.

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