William Allegrezza

I can't explain

one day the miles are memories exploding
that I've set myself against

this is the way and the truth
and this is the beginning and the end
this is the opening up and the forgetting

these trails of smoke
and knuckle gashes
are the feel of the land
and my mortal nature within it

my hands are tired
my body is tired
my beliefs are many
as are my roaming gods

my gods
and this is the beginning

the coming sounds     train roll    you at night
the last blue lights            

the rain begins to fall softly
like a guitar             
strummed by a hand

under the farmer's market canopy
the sound pushes the air into circles
you've become a confused voice in the spaces

the lines                    
white      yellow     
temple through the trees
to the edge of the lake
where the dead fish floats towards the roots


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