Kubilay Akman

Old Phone Numbers

old phone numbers disappear
in the garden of forgetting

seahorses and starfish
have confused their way
in the foggy sea of towns

dolphins that have forgotten swimming

old phone numbers
are lost
away from this foggy sea
in the garden of forgetting

medicine of the lesion
is the dream forests

naughty children
throw away
remembrance cups of their old noble grandmothers
over skyscrapers

each broken cup
meet laughter of old prostitutes

sperm and blood flow
on the sidewalks of this town
like rivers
as old phone numbers
are wiped from my palm

an old innkeeper
gives lectures of vigilance
to his tired clients
knits a deep betrayal
with his skilled hands

which innkeeper has real best friends?

old phone numbers of dead friends,
old loves, lost parents

seahorses and starfish
are lost
in dirty voice of the innkeeper

in depth of death
as mirrors
destroy the memory of their reflects

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